Monday, July 18, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Good day to all.

How are you all..?

I am hoping everyone with a blast each and everyday :)

so, lets focus on the main point.

Again, Library JB is bless with new library accescories.

As I finished climbing the stairs this morning, all the goodies being scrap off by Ms. Fiza.

So, there are some of the 'Stars' which I managed to captured their actioned with my cheap camera (well ta mampoo na pakai Mr S huhuhu).

Behold, 'I present you the 'Star':


The first star; Book Trolley we have all 3 now :)

Old Star: Photostat Machine, just being repaired by the technician because of the feeder problem. Well old dogs need some improvement, but he is okey :)

Star Wars; Lets call this thing, Kaki Gajah ahahhahha :)

How genius :)
Now my table are clean and clear :D

Before so messy mehhh..

That all.


Ahmad Akmal Mohd Idris


ladyQ said...

kenapa kaki gajah?

abbthegame said...

Kaki Gajah...hahahaha

LuLu BO0Latt said...

ooooohhhh mannn.. nape kiteorg x dpt pon library stool ni??? aarrrggghhh kami di MC dianak tirikn...

nelly said...

bagusnya ada entri BI cmnie .like2 !

madmal said...

well.. sekali sekala. hoho. kaki gajah! :D